Blue Cross

The brief: create memorable campaign for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island on minimal budget. We used vintage film footage to create a series of commercials that were cost effective, highly intrusive and won multiple awards.

Loblaws Cheese

The brief: increase awareness of Canadian chain, Loblaws Supermarkets, with their high-end own-label President’s Choice range and exceptional variety of innovative products. We created 17 award-winning commercials, each in a very different production style, winning many awards and increasing unaided awareness of Loblaws by 35%.


The brief: Paragon Cable in San Antonio, TX had undergone a change of ownership, put in a major price increase and were universally loathed as a result. When there was a parade in San Antonio, the Paragon float was booed all along the route.  We created this funny and memorable campaign for them, which was not only successful in monetary terms. The following year, when the parade took place, people sang the “Number, number, number, what’s the Paragon number,” song to the people on the Paragon float.

Work Boots

The brief: Black Diamond work boots were an excellent, but somewhat invisible, product.  By developing the “Serious Work Demands Serious Boots” concept and using a “work zone” graphic we vastly increased brand awareness, in-store real-estate and were able to use this visibility to develop innovative (and inexpensive) co-op advertising including this commercial.

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